If you only watch one video all day, make it this celebration of same-sex love entitled Until We Could

Take 5 minutes out of your day to watch and listen to this beautifully portrayed message of pride and love. If you only watch one thing today, this should be it.

Until We Could is a video poem by Richard Blanco and posted to the Freedom to Marry YouTube channel. The film is narrated by Golden Globe winning actress Robin Wright and actor Ben Foster.

For more info on the campaign to win marriage nationwide, visit www.freedomtomarry.org.


Anti-gay preacher comes to campus, student response is incredible

An anti-gay preacher at James Madison University in Virginia was met with an amazing response from students. Just watch!

Remember kids, Christians do not teach or preach hatred and Jesus loved everyone.

Gay Man Graces Cover of Soldier Magazine


Soldier, the magazine of the British army, is featuring a gay man on its cover for the first time.  According to Pink News, the magazine has said it is “celebrating diversity in the British Army” as “Trooper James Wharton, of the Household Cavalry Regiment, is shown wearing dress uniform complete with an Iraq medal. He appears on the cover next to the slogan ‘Pride’.”

When questioned about the US army’s continuing policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” Trooper Wharton said, “I still can’t get my head round [it]…there will be gay soldiers in the US Army who are not being themselves.”

Let’s not forget that since DADT’s inception, 12,500 members of the US army have been dishonorably discharged for being gay.  That just isn’t right.  Way to go Britain for being progressive in your armed forces, hopefully America will take a lesson from your leadership.