Representative Steve Simon Defends Justice, Fairness, Wholeness, and Compassion

Minnesota House Representative Steve Simon discusses how much of sexuality is nature v. nurtue. He offers that sexuality is a gift from God, and asks how many gays must God create before we accept that He wants them around…


St. Paul Approves Domestic Partnerships

From the 365Gay Newswire:

(St. Paul) As of Wednesday, gay couples in St. Paul, Minnesota, can get domestic partnerships. The state capital joined two other cities in that state in approving a resolution that allowed for domestic partnerships.

“Equality is equality is equality,” St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said during a brief ceremony Wednesday evening at the Camp nightclub. “You can’t have equality for some and not for others.”

Gay couples can now purchase certificates for $20 that make their partnership somewhat legal, though it is unclear if the certificate will allow for things such as health benefits can be extended to the couples by the state.

“I think it’s a really good symbolic St. Paul gesture. That’s as far as it goes,” said C.J. Griffiths, 25, of St. Paul.

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