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Help Save Bryce Faulkner!

From Help Save Bryce Faulkner:Bryce

Another tragic intervention has occurred in America.
Young Bryce Faulkner…was brow beaten, manipulated and economically bullied into “agreeing” to an intervention to “cure” his homosexuality. Yet again conservative Christians have paid more attention to everything in the bible except what Christ has to say about homosexuality. This is of course because Jesus never mentioned anything about homosexuality. Indeed, it is not even mentioned in the Ten Commandments. So of the direct writing in stone coming from the hand of God and the words alleged to have been spoken by Jesus Christ, neither mentions homosexuality. Yet there is a vast network of churches that has facilities, centers and/or retreats used to house people whom have been convinced they are less then worthy of Gods approval. That they have not simply chosen to be gay, but in so doing have become an abomination to God. An abomination being worse then just a sinner and is unforgivable under the blood of the cross.

Bryce Faulkner is a bright young pre-med student who, like many in college, was totally dependent upon his parents for survival. His car, his cell phone, his education, even his job was all connected to his parents purse strings. Bryce was making plans to come out to his parents, but before he had the opportunity to carry out these plans, his mother found his email password and discovered communications between he and his lover Travis Of Green Bay, Wisconsin. As any person from the south, especially those whom have a conservative fundamentalist family and has come out of the closet knows, the family can become quite volatile in their reaction to the news. Bryce is no exception to this. In order to manipulate Bryce into accepting “treatment” for his homosexuality, they took away everything and left him the choice of becoming homeless and destitute or going into therapy. As anyone can imagine, this wasn’t much of a choice. Being in the closet in a small town left him no one to speak to or to seek help to get him through the transition from the closet and into the light of day. His family took away every resource he had and left him with no phone to call for help, a car to drive to any help that might be out there and no money to even take a bus to Wisconsin to be with his lover. The program he is going into is a 14 month program, one of the most severe and intense of these kinds of programs.

Bryce and Travis love one another deeply. The very reason Bryce was going to come out of the closet was in order to move closer to Travis because they wish to spend the rest of their lives together. Anyone who loves another can understand the turmoil and deep pain Travis is feeling right now. Having someone you love manipulated into pretending the love you share is an affront to God and unacceptable. Being manipulated into being cloistered away for over a year of intense brain washing techniques that tell you your homosexuality is a choice, your love is unnatural and you will sent to a place of fire and brimstone unless you submit to their philosophical interpretation of theology. Anyone one who has even the slightest knowledge of programs like those offered by Exodus International (a group that believes homosexuality is a choice and can be changed through prayer and counseling) can be spiritually demoralizing, psychologically destructive and emotionally devastating. As a person who has had someone close to them go through this kind of treatment, I make it my mission to help anyone who is forced to go into this kind of misguided and ill-informed rehabilitation programs.

PLEASE help to find Bryce and save him from the clutches of the false prophets who feel they speak for God and only they have the keys to the kingdom of heaven.
I call upon all gay and gay supporters to be on the look out for Bryce. The photo above was taken a short time ago. If you see him, tell him that Travis loves him deeply. If you can, help him to escape and contact me in order to get him back into his lovers awaiting arms.

For those of us who choose the intimate relationship with God know that God loves all of us, just as we are and not as others would necessarily have us to be. Homosexuality is not an unnatural property, but indeed is a natural creation from God. Homosexuals are not only worthy of Gods love, but indeed are loved just as much as any heterosexual. Bryce needs to know he is not alone. That he has many individuals in the gay community that will help him to escape the fundamentalist ideologues and help him to stand up and out for himself. He needs to now he is loved by God, just as he is and he needs to know there are others out there with exactly the same kinds of experiences. He needs to know that their is bright future in store for him and he need not submit to the ranting of conservative fundamentalists. Please join me in prayers for Travis that he find strength to get through these days of worry and for Bryce, that he find a way out of the clutches of misguided Christian “wannabes”. Christ tells the Christian…

Matthew 22…
36″Master, which is the great commandment in the law?”
37Jesus said unto him, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”
38This is the first and great commandment.
39And the second is like unto it, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”
40On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Therefore if any person would not find it acceptable for their own love to be invalidated and be brow beaten, economically bullied and sent into a treatment facility that tells them they are an abomination, yet do this to any other, then they are obviously not followers of Christ. They be followers of Leviticus or maybe of Paul, but not Christ. For they are doing unto another something they would not want done to themselves. Breaking the second commandment that is to be held above all others. While Bryce may be a child of the Faulkner’s, he is first and will always be, a child of God. Even as difficult as it is to see ones child as a human being equal to oneself in the eyes of God, this is indeed the fact that cannot be changed.

Won’t you please help us to save Bryce Faulkner?