A long overdue return!

First, let me start by saying thank you. Thank you to all of the followers of Second Class Citizens and to all of the gay rights advocates, supporters and allies. You are all incredible for what you do for the community and your interest and concern regarding gay rights is immensely important and appreciated. You are the reason I began this blog, and you are the reason I hope to restart and rebuild this place where you and other supporters of equality can come to share news and stories, and where LGBT youth can come to read about others like themselves and know they are not alone.

I recently was contacted by a young man in high school that reads the blog and he wanted to share his story of finding himself and his fear of coming out to his friends and family for fear of what they may do to him. His story is like many other across this country that look to the Internet, to blogs and social media and other outlets to find that they re not alone, that others share similar experiences and care about them for who they are. It is the many stories like this that inspire me to take the time to post for Second Class Citizens.

It’s been more than 18 months since my last post and I deeply regret allowing myself to become too busy and preoccupied with other matters in life to keep up with such an important thing that I had worked to create. I apologize to you, my readers, for the absence and hope you will continue to support me as you have in the past.

With that said, I plan to post much more regularly and am asking for your support in this endeavor. If you would like to assist with the blog, whether it be writing posts or sharing your story or just sharing interesting and relevant news or articles, please reach out on Twitter, Facebook or send an email to concernedsecondclasscitizen@gmail.com. I would be more than happy to hear from you!

Thank you for your continued support and welcome back to Second Class Citizens blog by A Concerned Citizen!


Top NY Executives Lobbying for Same-Sex Marriage

A group of New York business moguls released a letter lobbying state legislators to legalize same-sex marriage. They argue the decision is not only fair, it makes good business sense.

The group includes the CEOs of Goldma Sachs, Thompson Reuters, Con Edison, and 23 other firms.

The letter is titled, “An open letter from business leaders on the importance of marriage equality” and argues that not allowing same-sex couples to marry affects the state’s ability to attract qualified workers.

As New Yorkers and business leaders, we believe that attracting talent is key to our state’s economic future,” the letter reads. “We strongly urge New York State to enact marriage equality legislation to help maintain our competitive advantage in attracting the best and brightest people the world has to offer.

Other notable signers include Jes Staley (CEO of JP Morgan’s Investment Bank), John J. Mack (executive chairman of the board of Morgan Stanley), and Daniel L. Doctoroff (president of Bloomberg).

Texas State Budget Bill Forces Colleges to Spend Equally on LGBT and ‘Traditional Values’

Rep. Wayne Christian proposed the amendment

An amendment to the Texas state budget bill just passed the Texas House that requires that if public universities wish to spend taxpayer dollars on projects like LGBT resource centers, they must spend the same amount on promoting “traditional and family values.”

The amendment passed the state House 110-24 (Republicans outnumber Democrats in the Texas House 2:1).

But what exactly does “traditional and family values” mean? Well, that could be our loophole to sneak around this ridiculous proposal. In my family, it is traditional to value your friends, neighbors, and strangers as equal members of society. Thus, an LGBT resource center would be the “traditional and family values” I like to call inclusion and acceptance.

For the First Time Ever, Most Americans Back Gay Marriage

A milestone was reached for gay rights last week when a new survey from ABC and the Washington Post announced that more than half of Americans (53% to be exact) say that gay men and women should be allowed to legally marry.

This is the first time the percentage has broken 50% in the nearly 10 years of surveys. In 2004, that number was only 32%, so we have come a long way in gaining mainstream acceptance.

Additionally, majority support for same-sex marriage is no longer exclusive to people in their 20s. 65% of people in their 30s approve of same-sex marriage (up 23% since 2005), and 52% of people in their 40s (up 17%) agree with equal marriage rights.

Unfortunately, these numbers will not make much of a difference for Republicans because the people that are against equality are really against it, and we all know that people who are really against something make a pretty good base of political support. But for all of you Republicans that will continue to discriminate against the LGBT community for your own political gain, being on the wrong side of history is never fun. Just ask the Nazis or the KKK.

Lady Gaga Ends Exclusive Deal with Target Over LGBT Concerns

Since the announcement last month, fans have expressed concerns over Lady Gaga’s partnership with Target to offer pre-sales and a deluxe edition of her upcoming Born This Way album exclusively with the retail outlet that was attacked for making donations to anti-LGBT politicians last year.

Gaga told fans:

Our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they’ve made supporting those groups.

However, Gaga’s representative told media outlets the singer and Target reached a mutual agreement to end the relationship a few weeks ago. Many are citing Target’s refusal to stop funding anti-LGBT politicians as the cause for the break.

Target offered this as a response:

Target remains committed to the LGBT community as demonstrated by our contributions to various LGBT organization, our recently established Policy Committee to review our political giving and our respectful, inclusive workplace environment.

I am not sure how much pull Lady Gaga thought she would have with the retail giant, but Target executives clearly are not bowing to her demands and Gaga stuck by her guns and pulled the deal. Target is hurt more by the no-deal, both because they lack the exclusivity of the sure-to-sell album and they will undoubtedly continue to suffer from LGBT boycotts of the retailer. All I can say is, good for you Gaga for standing by your beliefs and not selling out just for the money.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress Not to Defend DOMA!

After President Obama ended his defense of DOMA in federal courts this week, Speaker Boehner and other Republican leaders are stepping in to defend the discriminatory law.

Republicans are being pressured by right-wing groups to use taxpayer dollars to defend DOMA. Do not let this happen!

Tell Congress to stop defending DOMA by clicking here!