Supreme Court Denies Appeal of DC Gay Marriage Law

Thankfully, The Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, effectively putting an end to the referendum.

Is this a prologue for the Prop 8 decision? One can only hope…


Barney Frank: The March Is Pointless


As gay rights activists prepare to descend on Washington, D.C., for the National Equality March, one of the highest ranking openly gay politicians in the nation took to Michelangelo Signorile’s radio show to say the whole thing is pointless.

Barney Frank discussed the march, hate-crimes protections, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and the military’s gay ban, but got the most listener response to his rant on the march, saying it won’t likely do anything and that President Obama “doesn’t need any pressure.”

Frank went on to say that gays and lesbians would better spend their time at home lobbying their politicians than making the trek to D.C.

“I literally don’t understand how this will do anything,” he said. “People are kidding themselves. I don’t want people patting themselves on the back for doing something that is useless.”

Listen to Frank’s full radio interview here.

The DC Center Announces First HIV/AIDS Grant

All I can say is, YAY!!

From The D.C. Center HIV Working Group:fighthivindcsquare

The Board of Directors of the Metro DC Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Community Center (The DC Center) are pleased to announce their first HIV/AIDS grant.

The National HIV Vaccine Research and Education Initiative Grant is designed to create a supportive local environment for HIV vaccine research by educating key communities about this research in areas where HIV vaccine clinical trials are ongoing or planned. The DC Center is one of several organizations that will be funded under this grant.

David Mariner, Executive Director of the DC Center stated: “This grant provides a unique opportunity to educate the GLBT community about the importance of HIV Vaccine research. We’ll be coordinating activities of this grant closely with our HIV Working Group.”

The DC Center will continue to work with the local community advisory board for HIV Vaccine Research, the Capital Area Vaccine Effort, and the Vaccine Research Center at the NIH. This partnership first began when The DC Center organized an educational event on vaccine research on October 1st, 2007 at Dakota Cowgirl/Titan Bar. More recently, the groups collaborated on a community update on HIV prevention research, under the direction of The DC Center’s Crystal Meth Working Group, which was held at the HRC Equality Center on May 14th of this year.

Check Out: “Besen: Obama’s empty words”

“What Obama fails to understand is that when poetry does not translate into policy, and hope turns hollow, the American people will begin to tune him out.”

Check out this great blog post on Obama’s empty promises and the possibility of a march on Washington:

Besen: Obama’s empty words

From Gay Agenda: D.C.’s Anti-Gay Leaders Step Up Efforts

The following post is taken directly from James Hipps at Gay Agenda

“According to the Washington Post:

‘Opponents of gay marriage filed a lawsuit in D.C. Superior Court yesterday hoping to force a referendum on whether to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions.

The civil suit against the District’s Board of Elections and Ethics asks Judge Judith E. Retchin to overturn an election board ruling Monday that blocked a proposal to put the issue before the voters. Citing a District election law prohibiting votes on matters covered under the 1977 Human Rights Act, which outlaws discrimination against gay men, lesbians and other minority groups, the board said that a referendum would “authorize discrimination.’

The article continues with:

‘We are not going to sit by and allow an unelected board of bureaucrats to deny voters their rightful say on this issue and, by their action, allow the institution of marriage and the entire structure of our society to be radically redefined,” said Bishop Harry Jackson, senior pastor of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville and one of seven District residents who are plaintiffs in the suit.’

So, here you have it, seven D.C. residents, all “Christian” leaders, fighting equality.  I will also bring up the point, these are Black men.  Very ironic, yet somehow not too surprising, especially after these same men have built a coalition with former Mayor Marion Barry, who we all know had his bout with drugs and prostitutes.

I guess it just goes to show, people are selfish when it comes to rights in the respect who should have them and who should not.

One thing I’d be very curious to know…I wonder when the last time Bishop Harry Jackson had a white, Asian or Hispanic person sit down for a meal in his home?  I wonder if the Bishop Jackson knows about the rate of Black on Black crime in D.C.?  I wonder how many Black men who attend Bishop Jackson’s church have spread communicable diseases because they are on the DL?  I wonder why it’s still taboo to be gay in D.C.’s black community? I wonder if Bishop Jackson knows anyone who is gay?  Do you get my point?”