AFA Upset Over AAA “Family” Discount

From Gay Agenda:

AAAHere we go again.  The anti-gay American Family Association, lead by the Religious Right nut job Donald E. Wildmon, (living proof that Satan is alive on earth and more than likely never finished the second grade) has his panties in a wad over the American Automobile Association’s decision to offer Gay & Lesbian couples a “family” membership.

On AFA’s website, they have an email form in place where anti-gay bigots can email AAA’s CEO to proclaim their displeasure with the organization for treating GLBT citizens as…well…citizens.  Below is the text of that email.

Dear Mr. Darbelnet:

My family and I are deeply shocked and saddened that AAA would alter its Family Membership policy to include recognizing homosexual couples as being “married.”

Thirty states have overwhelmingly voted to define marriage as being between one man and one woman.  Yet AAA is treating homosexual couples as if they are married.

My family and I ask you to immediately reverse this policy of recognizing homosexual couples as if they were “married.”

I will share your response with my family and friends.

“Deeply shocked and saddened.” I suppose Donny has failed to remember that certain states have ended marriage discrimination against Gay and Lesbian couples, and I suppose he also has failed to remember that many of those couples have children which make them…well…a family.

I think we should all send an email to AAA to let them know how pleased we are with their decision to treat LGBT families as citizens and thank them for taking a step in the right direction by not letting religious ideology that promotes hate, intolerance, bigotry and discrimination.

You can send a note of thanks to:

Or write a letter of thanks to:

Robert L. Darbelnet, CEO
1000 AAA Dr.
Heathrow, FL  32746

Or simply pick up the phone and call:


Let’s do our part to assure AAA their efforts towards equality and inclusion are greatly appreciated!

So everyone…gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, allies, and friends…please take the moment out of your day to send an e-mail, a letter, or make a phone call.

We have to thank those companies that support equality for their actions and not allow them to succumb to the pressures of the enemies of equal rights.  An e-mail takes less than a moment, and it’s effect is well worth your time!