HeatherBoos @2ndClssCtzns Gay people could single-handedly solve the budget crisis if we’d just let them get married… no one throws a better party!

infinite_life @2ndClssCtzns I don’t understand why there is even a Gay issue in America. I see no difference between U & I. #equality #truth

southwestliz Thanks @2ndClssCtzns You are first class in my book

TheGrottoTweets @2ndClssCtzns I’m proud of you for standing by your convictions. Know that you have straight allies out there who will fight to the death.

riccaboni @2ndClssCtzns No problem, I love your site & your tweets. Keep it up, you open my eyes & inform me to what’s really important, equality.

infinite_life @2ndClssCtzns You are more than welcome. It’s people like you that foster equality for all of humanity! I support that with all my might!!

naddinesdoll @2ndClssCtzns youre absolutely amazing..i fully support you and all others..simply amazing ❤

HeatherBoos @2ndClssCtzns Prop8 is an embarrassment. Can’t believe people would actually vote to refuse rights to fellow citizens. & in the name of God!

AdamLovesSteve Just looking at @2ndClssCtzns blog and thinking about all the great work you folks are doing. Wish I had time to read all the blogs.

naccaboni @2ndClssCtzns I read your posts & links everyday, keep up the good work. I tell all my friends & family to add you!

ChristianLousIcon_lock Yes #FF the person that will help get us the gay marriage rights 😉 @2ndClssCtzns

MaddCatt @2ndClssCtzns people like @stopgaymarriage apperantly are afraid of what they themselves are trying to hide. Why else dedicate a profile?

Irishmaestro @2ndClssCtzns I always chuckle when straight people claim to know what it’s like to be gay or bi.

I probably ought to ask them when they made the choice to be straight. =P

Peter_Nehem @2ndClssCtzns: Somepeople are just ignorant to the real issues and completely misunderstand what it means to be gay

merrypranksters @2ndClssCtzns, good going, keep the message strong.

YoyoYuckmouth I love your Bio, @2ndClssCtzns That’s So True. I hate how they treat “our kind” like we’re some type of infection, or something.

kawaiigardiner @2ndClssCtzns Republicans need to embrace a socially liberal message coupled with a free-market: individual freedom, personal responsibility

bli182nk @2ndClssCtzns did u see the story about the gay bar in ft worth, tx? Look it up on dallasvoice.com. There was a TABC/ cop raid! Issues w liqour service til everything went south!

now7grandkids @2ndClssCtzns read ur profile I am with u 100% yesterday with GLBT was great. emailed today. DADT& other gay issues sign them tomorrow

ChristianLous RT @2ndClssCtzns @ChristianLous is one of my favorite twitterers!! I love you 🙂 <~~ awwww love you too 🙂

ChristianLous RT @2ndClssCtzns SecondClassCitizens.wordpress.com Educate yourself…comment…discuss… <~~ support

ChristianLous @2ndClssCtzns keep doing what you’re doing!

Andrea_Divine_5 @2ndClssCtzns I admire you, you’re a very smart guy and i’m sure if they were more gay men like you we’d be first class citizens globally.



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I’m used to seeing local fundies style themselves as “Concerned citizens” so thank you for reclaiming the label ; ) Cheers Kay


Really glad I stumbled across u on Twitter. Jus put yer blog in my Google Reader. Keep in touch & keep it up! 😉



Hello my twitter friend. Thanks for the info. I will look up the website. Need to know latest on gay news. We have to keep reminding Obama.

I will try facebook and will definitely follow you. Thank you for the info and nice comments you are providing.

It is my privilege and honor to support your cause.I look forward to all your comments. Take good care

Thanks for all you do. I am one of your fans on FaceBook!

You are doing a tremendous work, I salute you!


I will never understand the irrational fear/hate that comes from bigotry and intolerance. It’s not how I’m raising MY children!


ur site. love the look: clean. crisp. fresh. & your enthusiasm is infectious! throw some humor in – we gottta giggle while we work. thank u!

ok – found kathy griffin on the site. whew! all is good! 😉

humor is sexy. you’ve got a great look, message, & direction going & i think you’re on to somethin. i think it can be big. different. fresh.


Good you’re doing this. In The Netherlands we have equal rights, hopefully the rest of the world will follow.


Thx for the follow. IMHO, gay men have more guts than most straight men. You KNOW how to love a man, this scares traditionalists.

Jesus said that after his resurrection, it would not matter who was married to whom.

The Church is the bride of Christ, so that makes all men “gay”. LOL. There is room in the Kingdom of the Lord for ALL!


Thank you. Keep spreading your message. You are an inspiration. x


Thank you so much! Fundamentalism is THEIR justification for inequality; Let’s stop it! Thank you 🙂


Spread the word, not the H8!