Virginia’s Governor May Kill Gay Adoption Proposal

Virginia’s Republican governor, Robert McDonnell has two weeks left to decide if he will let regulations go through that would allow gay adoptions in the state.

As it stands, married heterosexual couples and single people are able to adopt in Virginia. The new regulations (developed by former Democratic governor Mark Warner) would allow adoption by unmarried straight and gay couples that go through state-licensed private and church-run agencies.

Governor McDonnell, do yourself, Virginia, the GOP, and the nation a favor: let the regulations go through. A child deserves a loving home. Ask any child trapped within the foster care system…I’m sure they would not mind being adopted by a gay couple, as long as they were loved.

If you live in Virginia, call McDonnell and urge him to allow these regulations to go through. Virginia children and gay couples deserve each other. Everyone deserves a loving family.


2 thoughts on “Virginia’s Governor May Kill Gay Adoption Proposal

  1. This really is a shame. I think being able to love a child is just basic human nature, regardless of sexual orientation. It’s just cruel to use kids as weapon in this respect too, as the only people the governor will be hurting is the children. These kids deserve a loving family and environment, whatever the form it comes in.

  2. I think I speak for the both of us when I say that, sadly, McDonnell will in all likelihood opt to shoot down these regulations. I’m an eternal optimist, but having lived in Virginia during these last few Republican-controlled years, I’ve become resided to the belief that we won’t see any progress unless it comes from the courts.

    Of course, I’d love to see McDonnell prove me wrong! This really would be a great step for Virginia.

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