Lady Gaga Ends Exclusive Deal with Target Over LGBT Concerns

Since the announcement last month, fans have expressed concerns over Lady Gaga’s partnership with Target to offer pre-sales and a deluxe edition of her upcoming Born This Way album exclusively with the retail outlet that was attacked for making donations to anti-LGBT politicians last year.

Gaga told fans:

Our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they’ve made supporting those groups.

However, Gaga’s representative told media outlets the singer and Target reached a mutual agreement to end the relationship a few weeks ago. Many are citing Target’s refusal to stop funding anti-LGBT politicians as the cause for the break.

Target offered this as a response:

Target remains committed to the LGBT community as demonstrated by our contributions to various LGBT organization, our recently established Policy Committee to review our political giving and our respectful, inclusive workplace environment.

I am not sure how much pull Lady Gaga thought she would have with the retail giant, but Target executives clearly are not bowing to her demands and Gaga stuck by her guns and pulled the deal. Target is hurt more by the no-deal, both because they lack the exclusivity of the sure-to-sell album and they will undoubtedly continue to suffer from LGBT boycotts of the retailer. All I can say is, good for you Gaga for standing by your beliefs and not selling out just for the money.


One thought on “Lady Gaga Ends Exclusive Deal with Target Over LGBT Concerns

  1. I hope Target suffers greatly as a result of this, not only from lost revenue but from the stinging PR they’ve received as a result of their poor judgment. Kudos to Gaga for putting the community before her business interests, that’s very cool. 🙂

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