TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress Not to Defend DOMA!

After President Obama ended his defense of DOMA in federal courts this week, Speaker Boehner and other Republican leaders are stepping in to defend the discriminatory law.

Republicans are being pressured by right-wing groups to use taxpayer dollars to defend DOMA. Do not let this happen!

Tell Congress to stop defending DOMA by clicking here!



2 thoughts on “TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress Not to Defend DOMA!

  1. I would love to see this go through Congress, but I think the more likely course right now is through the courts. There are a couple lawsuits in the docket right now, I feel it’s only a matter of time. The GOP doesn’t seem to be in a cooperating mood as of late. 😉

    • I agree, being repealed through legislation would be ideal, but for now we should be telling Congress not to continue defending this law. I’m sure they wouldn’t listen if we said repeal, that has been begged of them for years, but maybe they would stop defending it if enough people voiced their opinion.

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