Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Someone I know very well posted this on CNN today in response to the arguments against the repeal of DADT.  It rings very true, and I wanted to share it with you:

To a certain extent i can understand why this policy was implemented in 1993. If I stretch my imagination further, i can maybe see how this was even seen as a largely progressive measure back then. Well folks, that was 17 years ago and times are a changing. Each year, we strive to make this a more perfect union. This is not only the logical – it is a NECESSARY next step in that journey set forth over 2 centuries ago. I challenge you all to seriously take a look at the arguments that are made in opposition of the repeal and please explain to me how they’re not solely based on oppression of a minority and fear of change. Well as was proven time and time again, the fact that we are even having this debate will undoubtedly be looked at as a shameful exhibition by our children and most certaintly by the children of their own. To those who so vehemently oppose equality, I again challenge you to use that same furor in disclosing your true motivations. Tell us youre afraid, feel threatened – dont hide behind falsely constructed ideals of morality and ethics. Keep in mind, that for the 17 years during which this law has been in effect, Americans of all races, genders and yes sexual orientations, answered the call of duty to protect our common goal. And yet, here we are conjuring up arguments about how a repeal might shaken unit cohesion and undermine courage. To that I can only say that we must step back and truly understand the loyalty of these service members. Those who are willing to lay down their life, one’s most precious gift, for a country that is willing to shamefully relieve them of their duties if their true selves ever come to light. To me, that is the purest show of unwavering courage.

Indeed, we are a country of partisanship and debate. However, we engage in combat as one nation united. Defense of the ideals we hold so dear doesn’t rest with the conservative right nor is it conducted by the liberal left. Together we maintain the beacon of freedom. To those who today choose to stand on the wrong side of history, think back to your days in grammar school and recite to yourself the Pledge of Allegiance. You will end with the vision which is defended by our armed forces each and every day, “…indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” We are all forever indebted to every man and woman who ever put on a uniform. Their work is not in vain as one day, without a doubt, we will achieve that more perfect Union.


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