NYPD Ripped In Gay Bash

NYPDA popular Manhattan deejay yesterday charged that cops “did nothing” after he and two friends were attacked in a gay-bashing incident in Hell’s Kitchen over the weekend.

“I am more angry at the lack of response than the incident,” said Blake Hayes, a WPLJ disc jockey. “We asked several times to file a report. They [cops] never opened a pad of paper.”

The NYPD hate-crimes unit is now investigating the incident, after City Council Speaker Christine Quinn intervened, Hayes and officials said.

Hayes said the disturbing incident occurred at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday as he and two friends, Danny Calvert and Alec Bell, were walking past McCoy’s, a bar on Ninth Avenue.

A patron standing outside threw a lit cigarette butt at one of his friends, saying, “Keep moving, faggot,” Hayes said.

This led to angry words, and the man threw Calvert against a car and punched Bell in the face twice, Hayes said.


2 thoughts on “NYPD Ripped In Gay Bash

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