Gays Warned: No More Mr. Nice Homophobe


Be sure to take a deep breath before you read this, it comes from The Progressive Puppy:

During the last four decades, religious conservatives have used the vilest language imaginable to degrade and demonize LGBT Americans.  They’ve portrayed us as perverts and child molesters, blamed us for Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, compared us to Nazis and communists, and warned that same-sex marriage will lead to the downfall of civilization.  And now they’re saying it’s time to stop being so “nice.”

Peter writes on Right Wing Watch:  Religious Right leaders say the key to resisting the “homosexual extremist movement” is to stop being so nice and polite when it comes to the gays.  About 100 activists at the “How to Take Back America” conference attended the workshop on “How to Counter the Homosexual Extremist Movement.”   Workshop speakers Matt Barber and Brian Camenker urged people to be loud rabble-rousers when opposing the teaching of tolerance or sex ed in public schools.  They said not to worry about being nice or polite or liked, but to push God’s anti-gay agenda forcefully.  “Christ wasn’t about being nice,” said Barber…  There was some small disagreement about how much people should rely on religious arguments in the public sphere, with Matt Barber urging people to focus on the “ick” factor around gay sex and on claims that homosexuality is a health threat, which he called the movement’s “Achilles heel.”  In response, Sally Kern, the Oklahoma legislator who knows a bit about anti-gay not-niceness, argued that the anti-gay movement had to stay grounded in “God’s truth” and blamed churches for not having done enough. (Oh I dunno, Sal.  Seems to me like fundamentalist churches have done an admirable job of spreading hate.  We’ve even seen a Baptist preacher telling his flock that gays should be executed.)

Professional homo-hater Matt Barber is wrong about the effectiveness of a “health threat” strategy, which is easy enough to refute with science.  Sure, evangelicals snap their fingers at science – but most reasonable citizens still accept the opinion of researchers on public health issues.  The “ick factor” will be more difficult to counter because it’s so ingrained in the minds of (mostly male) heterosexuals.

I honestly can’t imagine how the Religious Right plans to be less “nice” toward gays than they already are.  It would be like saying they now plan to be less “honest” in their campaign against same-sex marriage.  These people reached the bottom of that barrel a long time ago.


2 thoughts on “Gays Warned: No More Mr. Nice Homophobe

  1. EXCUSE ME? “Christ wasn’t about being nice?” Sounds like Mr. Barber needs to pick up that book he’s preaching out of and learn a bit about “his saviour”. Obviously he doesn’t know ANYTHING about the man whose teachings he has warped beyond recognition. I am not religious by any means, but Jesus supposedly taught that we were to love one another regardless. That certainly sounds “nice” to me.

    People like Matt Barber leave a sick feeling in my stomach.

  2. Bottom of the barrel, indeed. I often wonder if narrow mindedness eventually leads to narrowed arteries and less oxygen to the brain.

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