Federal healthcare bill ‘will actually harm gays and lesbians’

From PinkNews:

A bill which proposes expanded federal healthcare discriminates against gay couples, the leader of a Republican gay group has said.

Jimmy LaSalvia, the executive director of GOProud, a conservative Republican group, argues that due to the Defence of Marriage Act, families headed by a same-sex couple will actually be left worse off.

The Defence of Marriage Act bans federal recognition of gay relationships and bars such couples from accessing federal benefits.

Writing in The Hill, LaSalvia argued: “The left’s demand for government-run healthcare, the so-called ‘public option,’ will leave gay and lesbian families completely and totally out.

“Gays, who currently are able to secure health insurance that provides for domestic partner benefits for their families, will find no such options when it comes to government-run healthcare. Worst, low-income gay and lesbian families, who can’t afford private insurance and will be forced by federal mandate into government-run healthcare, will be hit the hardest.”

He added: “The last place gay and lesbian Americans should look for equitable treatment is the federal government. Whether its relationship recognition, military service, tax fairness, or any of dozens of other issues, the federal government discriminates against gay and lesbian Americans. Why would it be any different when it comes to healthcare?”


One thought on “Federal healthcare bill ‘will actually harm gays and lesbians’

  1. THAT to me sounds like more FEAR tactics ONLY which is WHY the Reps do NOT want anti-descrimination to PASS let alone for Health Care or LGBT. I do NOT have Health Care and am diabled and HAVE been following and Listening to all of the coverage/inteviews DAILY and have been appalled at how all of the Content of the “proposed bills with over 500 amendments just from ONE sub-committee” are being mis-quoted and twisted by the “Talking Heads.” It is TRULY disgusting…
    ..I want ALL of us to BE EQUALLY covered so You Better Believe I have Been “Listening Closely” I don’t care if anyone is Straight, Gay/Lesbian (some of my best friends are)… I want Equal Coverage for US….ALL…Period.
    I just had one idiot because of my physical disability “tell me” today… “that if I were a Dog they would have me PUT Down”
    .. guess what? They were about to go to a Gun Show and Told me they were a Republican…

    So as my ex-reporter husband use to say…”Just cuz something is reported verbally OR in print OR online Does NOT make it TRUE.” Need to Verify ALL of your sources just like a Reporter, and I have done that for years now… So Be careful what you Simply report if you have NOT Verified it for Yourself… OK? Just sayin…..

    This Applies to Everyone…Rumors are Meant to instill FEAR lust like Terrorism.. they try to Conquer by dividing.. I am for All of us UNITING with one LOUD Voice.. We Want Coverage that does NOTY discriminate Period…

    and I think that being Gay/Lesbian OR Disabled would ALL come under Pre-Existing Conditions…. just like being HUMAN does.. I even heard a Rumor that said if you had suffered spouse abuse that would be a “pre-exisiting condition”

    ALL of this is trying to Be Eliminated NOW… So PLEASE screen what you are told and do NOT assume ANY of it is TRUE until you Verify it with 7 different sources from different sides of the aisle, OK?

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