AP: Mormon image suffers after gay marriage fight

Wow…I am glad to hear that those who combat equality suffer for their prejudices.

From the Associated Press:

The Mormon church’s vigorous support for the California ballot measure that banned gay marriage last year has turned the Utah-based faith into a lightning rod for gay rights activism.

A nationwide “kiss-in” Saturday comes after gay couples in Salt Lake City, San Antonio and El Paso, Texas were arrested and cited for tresspassing or harrassed by police for publicly kissing.

In Utah, the July 9 trespassing incident occurred after a couple were observed by security guards on a downtown plaza owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The court case was dismissed, but the kiss sparked a community backlash and criticism of the church.

Church observers say the church’s intervention into California politics has left the faith’s image tarnished.



2 thoughts on “AP: Mormon image suffers after gay marriage fight

  1. lol Diego! Yeah, like until now, mormon was a synonym to divine sanity..! 😀

    It’s good news the case was dismissed, yet it’s still maddening, despite a goddamn Constitution that irrational insane beliefs of religions keep an iron grip on politics.

    Separation of church and state… Yea, right.

  2. i have to admit this is kinda funny. is it the mormons who think their image is tarnished? just because of the gay marriage thing? like do they believe everyone thought they were totally sane and normal before this?

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