Apple Using Double-Standard for Gay iPhone Apps?


From Pink News:

Apple is maintaining a double-standard when it comes to gay-themed iPhone apps, a developer claims. Attempting to draw publicity, Terry Ray claims that his iGaydar title was rejected from the App Store on the same day as Bruno — an app based on the Sacha Baron Cohen movie — was approved. iGaydar was rejected for “objectionable content,” despite being considerably less graphic than the Bruno app, according to Ray.


One thought on “Apple Using Double-Standard for Gay iPhone Apps?

  1. I’ve heard about this, and yet I have an app I downloaded from the Istore named Grindr that is a social networking app for Gay men.

    I also have Edge, an app that delivers news of interest to the gay community, and an app called GayCities, which provides information on gay businesses and nightlife in major cities, much like a travel guide.

    If you do a search for apps in the Istore using the search word “Gay”, quite a few apps are available. Given the popularity of the Iphone and Itouch with the GLBT community, I think Apple would be making a big mistake to not allow as many apps as possible that appeal to us.

    Another criticisms I’ve heard about Apple (which I believe may have some merit) is that they do not remove negative reviews of apps that are gay-themed, negative reviews that are based solely on their authors bigotry and homophobia.

    P.S. I like the title of your blog!

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