Miami Judge Who Struck Gay Adoption Ban Demoted

(Miami) A Miami-Dade circuit court judge who ruled Florida’s gay adoption ban is unconstitutional has been demoted.

Judge Cindy Lederman has been removed from her 15-year post as top administrative judge over Miami-Dade’s juvenile courts. The new chief justice over Miami courts says he wanted new perspectives and leadership.

Lederman ruled in November 2008 that Florida’s gay adoption ban was unconstitutional, a case now on appeal. She also oversaw numerous juvenile justice programs in Miami and publicly scolded state officials in 2002 following the disappearance of 5-year-old foster child Rilya Wilson.

The new top judge in Miami’s juvenile courts is Orlando Prescott. Lederman will remain a juvenile court judge and says she respects the decision.

Same on whoever made this decision.  This woman stood up for equality and ended a discriminatory practice and she was in turn discriminated against for her progressive actions.  If anything is unconstitutional, it’s discrimination.

Allowing gay families to adopt children offers more hope to the millions of children in foster care, prevents the states from being burdened by having to provide for these children, and saves taxpayers a plethora of money that is otherwise spent to keep these children in state programs.  With gay adoption, everyone in society benefits: the child gets a loving home, the couple gets a child to love and care for, the state has less responsibility for the child, and taxpayers are no longer paying to support the child.

And it goes without saying, homosexuals are human beings and all families are families!  Say YES to ALL families!


One thought on “Miami Judge Who Struck Gay Adoption Ban Demoted

  1. WOW! it blows me away! ugh! and nevertheless the title of being GAY shouldn’t hinder your abilities in being a good parent! I JUST DONT GET IT!

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