Gays Detained After Kiss Outside Utah Mormon Temple

According to The Salt Lake Tribune:
A gay couple says they were detained by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints security guards after one man kissed another on the cheek Thursday on Main Street Plaza.

‘They targeted us,’ said Matt Aune, 28.

‘We weren’t doing anything inappropriate or illegal, or anything most people would consider inappropriate for any other couple.'”
Just like all civil rights struggles, the more progress we make, the more our foes will push back. ┬áThe Mormons targeted this couple because they were gay…
Homophobia, as with any other prejudice, is mere ignorance.

Read the full story from The Salt Lake Tribune.


4 thoughts on “Gays Detained After Kiss Outside Utah Mormon Temple

  1. Although I do appreciate the support, as a gay man, I’m tired of waiting. Would you tell me to wait if I were and african american trying to show affection to my “white” boyfriend/girlfriend? I think not. Equality is long overdue to us all, it’s everyone else that needs to change, not us. Thank you.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Michael. Society needs to change, those that are standing in the way of progress need to step aside and allow history to show that we are right. We deserve equality and we deserve it now!

  2. sorry bro! i hate these stories too.

    the mormon church isn’t ahead of the curve with regard to gay rights, but in time they’ll get better at it. the country struggles too.

    please accept apologies from those of us who offer them, and please be patient as the world changes.

    i don’t think the religion will reach the point where it will sanction gay marriage, but i do think it will get to the point of letting people live their lives–including small kisses on their home turf.

    • Thank you, and I appreciate the apology, but I realize it is the ideology of the organization and not necessarily that of all of its individual members. Hopefully, with time, more and more individuals like yourself will speak up and change the church from within.

      Again, your support is much appreciated. Thank you for speaking up.

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