Equality Groups Release A Joint Response to the Obama Administration’s Defense of DOMA

On the campaign trial, President Obama stated, “We need to fully repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.”  However, his administration filed a brief in a California federal court this week that defends the Defense of Marriage Act and calls it a “valid exercise of Congress’ power” that is saving taxpayers money.

In response, the Human Rights Campaign, Lambda Legal, the National Gay and Lesbian Task force, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, and the American Civil Liberties Union released a join statement that included the following:

We are very surprised and deeply disappointed in the manner in which the Obama administration has defended the so-called Defense of Marriage Act… The administration is using many of the same flawed legal arguments that the Bush administration used. These arguments rightly have been rejected by several state supreme courts as legally unsound and obviously discriminatory.

We are also extremely disturbed by a new and nonsensical argument the administration has advanced suggesting that the federal government needs to be “neutral” with regard to its treatment of married same-sex couples in order to ensure that federal tax money collected from across the country not be used to assist same-sex couples duly married by their home states. There is nothing “neutral” about the federal government’s discriminatory denial of fair treatment to married same-sex couples: DOMA wrongly bars the federal government from providing any of the over one thousand federal protections to the many thousands of couples who marry in six states.

To read the press release in its entirety, click here.


One thought on “Equality Groups Release A Joint Response to the Obama Administration’s Defense of DOMA

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